Singer and performer in the style of Frank Sinatra

ImageDanny Wein grew up listening to Frank Sinatra songs. Always having a great appreciation of the performer's music and life, he discovered his unique talent for capturing the voice stylings of the master after performing in Karaoke clubs in the 80s. His voice actually sounds like Sinatra's and he has polished his act over the years with great success. His is not imitation... just great vocals in that recognizable style.

Danny has performed throughout Colorado at numerous galas and events, busy night clubs and restaurants enchanting audiences with his uncanny ability to capture the personality, flavor, tone, humor and vocal talent of "The Chairman of the Board."

What folks are saying:

  • He has gained a solid reputation for performance quality and entertainment value. The Denver Post refers to him as Denver's best-known Sinatra crooner" and "a Frank Sinatra style vocalist you can't miss."
  • JW Marriott hotel in Cherry Creek North ignited a craze in 2005 and found that Danny's performances had a "major impact on their revenues."

  • Penny Parker in "On the Town" for the Rocky Mountain News says, "...the hits keep coming... The sound-alike singer doesn't try to impersonate the Chairman of the Board with props or gestures. He packs 'em in purely with his voice."

  • And from a Las Vegas review, "Dell's projected odds on a sensational singer coming on quick around the country, (Danny Wein) is a 10-1 favorite to be on top very shortly and in Las Vegas soon..."

Working successfully at large events and in intimate spaces, for fundraisers and galas, at casinos, conventions and in restaurants, Danny Wein is versatile, professional and flexible. From solo performances to improvising with other performers and sound-alikes, he lifts our spirits.

It's not just nostalgia... great entertainment is still alive and well!


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